SOSP19. I4: Incremental Inference of Inductive Invariants for Verification of Distributed Protocols
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This paper is by Haojun Ma (University of Michigan), Aman Goel (University of Michigan), Jean-Baptiste Jeannin (University of Michigan), Manos Kapritsos (University of Michigan), Baris Kasikci (University of Michigan), Karem A. Sakallah (University of Michigan).This paper is about formal verification of distributed systems. Writing proofs manually is cumbersome. Existing tools for formal verification all require the human to find the inductive invariant.I4 combines power of Ivy (a tool for inter...

My theory on technical debt and OSS
6 hours ago, smalldatum

This is a hypothesis, perhaps it is true. I am biased given that I spent 15 years acknowledging tech debt on a vendor-based project (MySQL) and not much time on community-based projects.My theory on tech debt and OSS is that there is more acknowledgement of tech debt in vendor-based projects than community-based ones. This is an advantage for vendor-based projects assuming you are more likely to fix acknowledged problems. Of course there are other advantages for community-based projects.I think ...

Presentation: Chaos Engineering for People Systems
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Dave Rensin shares his experiences building stronger systems, teams, and companies at Google over the last 5 years. By Dave Rensin...

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 13 – Introduce the ‘force’ option for the Drop Database command.
11 hours ago, postgresql

On 13rd of November 2019, Amit Kapila committed patch: Introduce the 'force' option for the Drop Database command.     This new option terminates the other sessions connected to the target database and then drop it. To terminate other sessions, the current user must have desired permissions (same as pg_terminate_backend()). We don't allow to terminate … Continue reading "Waiting for PostgreSQL 13 – Introduce the ‘force’ option for the Drop Database command."...

Hubert 'depesz' Lubaczewski: Waiting for PostgreSQL 13 – Allow sampling of statements depending on duration
11 hours ago, postgresql

On 6th of November 2019, Tomas Vondra committed patch: Allow sampling of statements depending on duration   This allows logging a sample of statements, without incurring excessive log traffic (which may impact performance). This can be useful when analyzing workloads with lots of short queries.   The sampling is configured using two new GUC parameters: … Continue reading "Waiting for PostgreSQL 13 – Allow sampling of statements depending on duration"...

Internets of interest: Warner Losh on the first ten years of UNIX
12 hours ago, davecheney

UNIX turns 50 this year which means 7th edition Research UNIX is that 40.

Presentation: Coding the Future Coders
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Angie Jones shares ways to give the joy of coding to others; techniques on how to expose kids to complex topics such as ML, mobile dev, game design, and web animation with hands-on exercises. By Angie Jones...

Now available: Batch Recommendations in Amazon Personalize
21 hours ago, aws

Today, we’re very happy to announce that now supports batch recommendations. Launched at AWS re:Invent 2018, is a fully-managed service that allows you to create private, customized personalization recommendations for your applications, with little to no machine learning experience required. With , you provide the unique signals in your activity data (page views, sign-ups, purchases, […]

Dart 2.6 Goes Native on Linux, Windows, and MacOS
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The latest version of Google programming language Dart, numbered 2.6, extends support for native, ahead-of-time (AOT) compilation with the addition of dart2native, which enables the creation of command-line programs on Linux, Windows, and MacOS. By Sergio De Simone...

Leave manual cluster resizing behind with Cloud Dataproc’s autoscaling
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Building real-time, interactive data products with open source data and analytics processing technology is not a trivial task. It involves constantly balancing cluster costs with service-level agreements (SLAs). Whether you are using Apache Hadoop and Spark to build a customer-facing web application or a real-time interactive dashboard for your product team, it’s extremely difficult to handle heavy spikes in traffic from a data and analytics perspective.We’re pleased to announce Cloud Dataproc’s...

[$] Keeping memory contents secret
1 day ago, lwn

One of the many responsibilities of the operating system is to help processes keep secrets from each other. Operating systems often fail in this regard, sometimes due to factors — such as hardware bugs and user-space vulnerabilities — that are beyond their direct control. It is thus unsurprising that there is an increasing level of interest in ways to improve the ability to keep data secret, perhaps even from the operating system itself. The MAP_EXCLUSIVE patch set from Mike Rapoport is one e...

Stateful Programming Models in Serverless Functions: Chris Gillum at QCon San Francisco
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Chris Gillum, Principal Engineering Manager at Microsoft, presented at QCon San-Francisco on Serverless Programming Models in Azure Functions. In his presentation, he discussed two stateful programming models, workflow and actors on Azure Functions - Microsoft’s implementation of serverless compute. By Steef-Jan Wiggers...

New – Insert, Update, Delete Data on S3 with Amazon EMR and Apache Hudi
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Storing your data in Amazon S3 provides lots of benefits in terms of scale, reliability, and cost effectiveness. On top of that, you can leverage Amazon EMR to process and analyze your data using open source tools like Apache Spark, Hive, and Presto. As powerful as these tools are, it can still be challenging to deal with use cases where […]