How to set up LDAP authentication for the Red Hat AMQ 7 management console
40 minutes ago, redhat

This post is a continuation of the series on Red Hat AMQ 7 security topics for developers and ops people started by Mary Cochran.  We will see how to configure LDAP authentication on a Red Hat AMQ 7 broker instance. In order to do so, we will go perform the followings actions: Set up a simple LDAP server […] The post How to set up LDAP authentication for the Red Hat AMQ 7 management console appeared first on RHD Blog....

Amazon Announces Extensibility for AWS CloudFormation with AWS Lambda Powered Macros
40 minutes ago, infoq

With AWS CloudFormation developers can model and define their infrastructure as code. Now Amazon announced a new feature of AWS CloudFormation called Macros, which allows developers to extend the native syntax of CloudFormation templates by calling out to AWS Lambda powered transformations. By Steef-Jan Wiggers...

This Week in Data with Colin Charles 53: It’s MariaDB Week PLUS Percona Live Europe Update
56 minutes ago, percona

Join Percona Chief Evangelist Colin Charles as he covers happenings, gives pointers and provides musings on the open source database community. This week is clearly what I’d call a “MariaDB week” — plenty of announcements coming from MariaDB Corporation and MariaDB Foundation. It started with Alibaba Cloud and MariaDB Announce the Launch of ApsaraDB RDS for MariaDB […] The post This Week in Data with Colin Charles 53: It’s MariaDB Week PLUS Percona Live Europe Update appeared first on Percona Da...

Next.js 7 framework compiles faster, supports WebAssembly
1 hour ago, infoworld

Zeit’s open source Next.js framework for static and server-rendered React applications compiles faster and improves error reporting with the new Version 7 release. Support for the WebAssembly binary format—via the Webpack 4 module bundler—is a key addition as well.[ Go deeper: How to get started with WebAssembly. • What’s next for WebAssembly. • 8 projects that give WebAssembly a lift • So, What’s next for WebAssembly, exactly? | Keep up with hot topics in programming with InfoWorld’s App Dev ...

4 hidden cloud computing costs that will get you fired
1 hour ago, infoworld

John just finished the first wave on cloud workload migrations for his company. With a solid 500 applications and related data sets migrated to a public cloud, he now has a good understanding of what the costs are after these applications have moved into production.However, where John had budgeted $1 million a month for ops costs, all in, the company is now getting dinged for $1.25 million. Where does that $250,000 go each month? And more concerning, how were those costs missed with the origin...

Hyperledger Releases New Version of Burrow Featuring Improved Integration and Developer Experience
1 hour ago, infoq

In a recent blog post, the Hyperledger open source project announced the next version of Burrow v.0.21.0. Within this release, organizations can expect improved integration, key-signing, helm charts for Kubernetes and developer experience. By Kent Weare...

The journey to better DX: Create InstantSearch App
3 hours ago, algolia

InstantSearch by Algolia is a family of frontend libraries to create search UIs on […] The post The journey to better DX: Create InstantSearch App appeared first on Algolia Blog....

IoT Graphics: Mir Release 1.0
3 hours ago, ubuntu

The Mir team is pleased to announce the milestone release of Mir 1.0.0. This is the first major release targeted at IoT device makers and enthusiasts looking to build the next-generation of graphical solutions. Mir is a display server and is used by other projects to draw graphics on the screen. The Mir team have […] The post IoT Graphics: Mir Release 1.0 appeared first on Ubuntu Blog....

Same-different problems strain convolutional neural networks
6 hours ago, themorningpaper

Same-different problems strain convolutional neural networks Ricci et al., arXiv 2018 Since we’ve been looking at the idea of adding structured representations and relational reasoning to deep learning systems, I thought it would be interesting to finish off the week with an example of a problem that seems to require it: detecting whether objects in […]

Building a Complex Financial Chart with D3 and d3fc
11 hours ago, scottlogic

When it comes to creating complex bespoke charts, of all the JavaScript visualisation / charting frameworks, D3 is the clear winner. This blog post takes a step-by-step look at the process of of building an ‘advanced’ financial charting using D3, with additional components from d3fc....

Building a dynamic and responsive Pinterest
11 hours ago, pinterest

Bo Liu | Engineering Manager, Serving Systems teamIn 2015, the majority of content on Pinterest was pregenerated for users prior to login. It was stored statically in HBase and served directly upon entering the service. (More details can be found in the blog post Building a smarter home feed.)Although our earlier architecture helped us grow to 100 million monthly active users by 2015, it had several weak points that prevented us from building more dynamic and responsive products. For example, it...

BrandPost: Now Available: Intel’s 2019 Software Development Tools
12 hours ago, infoworld

Intel Parallel Studio XE is an expansive suite of software development tools made specifically for building and analyzing software written in C, C++, Fortran, and Python. In my opinion, if you develop C, C++, Fortran, or Python code that runs on x86 or x86-64 processors, you should have at least part of Intel Parallel Studio XE on your development systems.The promise of Intel tools is reliability and higher performance. If you want the best performance on x86 or x86-64 on Linux, Windows, or ma...

New – Parallel Query for Amazon Aurora
13 hours ago, aws

is a relational database that was designed to take full advantage of the abundance of networking, processing, and storage resources available in the cloud. While maintaining compatibility with MySQL and PostgreSQL on the user-visible side, Aurora makes use of a modern, purpose-built distributed storage system under the covers. Your data is striped across hundreds of […]

Scylla Monitoring Stack 2.0
15 hours ago, scylladb

The Scylla team is pleased to announce the release of Scylla Monitoring Stack 2.0 Scylla Monitoring is an open source stack for Monitoring Scylla Enterprise and Scylla Open Source, based on Prometheus and Grafana.  Scylla Monitoring 2.0 stack supports: Scylla Open Source versions 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Scylla Enterprise versions 2017.x and 2018.x Scylla Manager 1.1 Scylla Monitoring 2.0 brings many improvements, both in dashboard usability and the underlying stack, in particular, moving to a new version ...

Presentation: A Responsible Dev Process?
17 hours ago, infoq

Sam Brown, Adam Sandor discuss how to include ethics in the development process. By Ádám Sándor...

Prometheus 2 Times Series Storage Performance Analyses
19 hours ago, percona

Prometheus 2 time series database (TSDB) is an amazing piece of engineering, offering a dramatic improvement compared to “v2” storage in Prometheus 1 in terms of ingest performance, query performance and resource use efficiency. As we’ve been adopting Prometheus 2 in Percona Monitoring and Management (PMM), I had a chance to look into the performance […] The post Prometheus 2 Times Series Storage Performance Analyses appeared first on Percona Database Performance Blog....