Discovering and Classifying In-app Message Intent at Airbnb
18 hours ago, airbnb

Conversational AI is inspiring us to rethink the customer experience on our platform.Authors: Michelle Du, Shijing YaoGet embraced by plenty of natural light, brick, and plant in our new office in downtown Seattle.Airbnb’s mission is to create a world where everyone can belong anywhere. Ensuring good communication between guests and hosts is one of the keys to developing a sense of belonging as well as a smooth and worry-free trip experience for guests. Millions of guests and hosts communicate o...

Jonathan Katz: Scheduling Backups En Masse with the Postgres Operator
18 hours ago, postgresql

An important part of running a production PostgreSQL database system (and for that matter, any database software) is to ensure you are prepared for disaster. There are many ways to go about preparing your system for disaster, but one of the simplest and most effective ways to do this is by taking periodic backups of your database clusters. How does one typically go about setting up taking a periodic backup? If you’re running PostgreSQL on a Linux based system, the solution is to often use cron,...

Enjoy a slice of QUIC, and Rust!
18 hours ago, cloudflare

During last year’s Birthday Week we announced early support for QUIC, the next generation encrypted-by-default network transport protocol designed to secure and accelerate web traffic on the Internet....

Monitor and Optimize Slow Queries with PMM and EverSQL – Part One
19 hours ago, percona

A common challenge with continuously deployed applications is that new and modified SQL queries are constantly being introduced to the application. Many companies choose to use a database monitoring system (such as PMM) to identify those slow queries. But identifying slow queries is only the start – what about actually optimizing them? In this post […]...

In the News: GeekWire | Tech Moves: InfluxData hires former Salesforce exec; Alder adds to C-suite (again); Aiqudo brings on Alexa vet; and more
19 hours ago, influxdata

Publication: GeekWire Title: Tech Moves: InfluxData hires former Salesforce exec; Alder adds to C-suite (again); Aiqudo brings on Alexa vet; and more Author: James Thorne Abstract: GeekWire covered InfluxData’s recent announcement about its new hire for Senior Vice President of Engineering, Jim Walsh, who held a similar role at Salesforce. The article mentions that prior to […] The post In the News: GeekWire | Tech Moves: InfluxData hires former Salesforce exec; Alder adds to C-suite (again); Ai...

Protecting your cloud VMs with Cloud IAP context-aware access controls
19 hours ago, googlecloud

Organizations have increasing numbers of Internet-facing apps and infrastructure that they need to protect. Since 2011, Google has been leveraging the BeyondCorp security model to protect our internet-facing resources, and over the past few years we have made it easier for you to adopt the same model for your apps, APIs, and infrastructure through context-aware access capabilities in our cloud products. At Next ‘18 in London, we added context-aware access capabilities to Cloud Identity-Aware Pro...

Expanding the Application of Deep Learning to Electronic Health Records
19 hours ago, googleresearch

Posted by Alvin Rajkomar, MD and Eyal Oren, PhD, Google AI, HealthcareIn 2018 we published a paper that showed how machine learning, when applied to medical records, can predict what might happen to patients who are hospitalized: for example, how long they would need to be in the hospital and, if discharged, how likely they would be to come back unexpectedly. Predictive models of various kinds have already been deployed in hospital settings by others, and our work aims to further improve potenti...

Announcing General Availability of the NGINX API Management Solution
19 hours ago, nginx

Are you thinking about building a digital marketplace where you can expose APIs for your products and services? Or are you building an internal application using microservices that connect via API calls? If so, you need an API management solution. Unfortunately, first‑generation API management solutions are inadequate. They are too complex and deliver poor performance, [...] Read More... The post Announcing General Availability of the NGINX API Management Solution appeared first on NGINX....

BigCommerce transforms the retail experience for more than 60,000 merchants using Google Cloud Platform
21 hours ago, googlecloud

Today’s online shoppers want to be able to find the product they are looking for, fast—check out seamlessly and receive their merchandise in a matter of days. In order to keep pace with this consumer expectation, ecommerce retailers need a reliable, secure infrastructure that can scale to the seasonal demands of the retail business. For many merchants, they rely on the expertise of a hosted ecommerce platform like BigCommerce.BigCommerce powers ecommerce websites for successful retailers all ove...

Extending Eclipse Che 7 to use VS Code extensions
22 hours ago, redhat

Recently the Eclipse Che community has been working to make Eclipse Theia the default web IDE for Eclipse Che 7. We’ve added a plugin model to Eclipse Theia that is compatible with Visual Studio Code (VS Code) extensions. Che 7 users will eventually be able to take advantage of extensions that have been written for […] The post Extending Eclipse Che 7 to use VS Code extensions appeared first on RHD Blog....

Zero-shot transfer across 93 languages: Open-sourcing enhanced LASER library
22 hours ago, facebook

<p>To accelerate the transfer of natural language processing (NLP) applications to many more languages, we have significantly expanded and enhanced our LASER (Language-Agnostic SEntence Representations) toolkit. We are now open-sourcing our work, making LASER the first successful exploration of massively multilingual sentence representations to be shared publicly with the NLP community. The toolkit now works [...]</p> <p><a class="btn btn-secondary understrap-read-more-link" href="">Read More...</a></p> <p>The post <a rel="nofollow" href="">Zero-shot transfer across 93 languages: Open-sourcing enhanced LASER library</a> appeared first on <a rel="nofollow" href="">Facebook Code</a>.</p>

Protecting Artificial Intelligence from Itself
23 hours ago, infoq

Applications using artificial intelligence can be fooled by adversarial examples, creating confusion in the model decisions. Input sanitization can help by filtering out improbable inputs before they are given to the model, argued Katharine Jarmul at Goto Berlin 2018. We need to start thinking of the models and the training data we put into them as potential security breaches, she said. By Ben Linders...

The Smashing Survey: Join In!
23 hours ago, smashingmagazine

Our entire aim here at Smashing Magazine &mdash; and my focus as Editor-in-Chief &mdash; is to provide the most helpful and interesting content and resources for web professionals. We aim not only to introduce new tools, technologies, and best practices, but also to give you handy resources to refer back to and put on interesting live events such as our conferences and webinars. To be able to do that well, we need to understand the people who read Smashing Magazine, come to our conferences, and ...

GitHub after Microsoft: How it has changed
1 day ago, infoworld

Long a major hub of open source development, GitHub became part of Microsoft at the end of October 2018. Now helmed by one-time Xamarin CEO Nat Friedman, the cloud and enterprise source-management platform is making up for lost time with new features and new pricing plans.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)...

2 big mistakes to avoid in edge computing
1 day ago, infoworld

More things are being pushed to the edge. Think of the edge as the space between the cloud and whatever device or system is tossing off data.The idea is to do most of the processing at the edge, close to where the data is produced. This approach, called edge computing, provides a much better response time, because there’s no need to send the data back to a central cloud-based data-storage system where it’s processed and then returned all the way back to the device.[ What is cloud computing? Ev...

What’s new in Angular: Version 8 beta is here
1 day ago, infoworld

The beta version of Angular 8.0, the next version of Google’s popular JavaScript framework, is now available, with a new feature for forms. Version 7.2 is available as the current production release.To read this article in full, please click here(Insider Story)...

Google Announces Support for Go Language on Cloud Functions
1 day ago, infoq

In a recent post, Google has announced support for Go 1.11 on Cloud Functions, which is their Function as a Service offering. With this announcement, Go joins the line as a supported programming language for Cloud Functions besides the previously available Node.js and Python. By Eldert Grootenboer...

MySQL InnoDB Cluster – Changing cluster topology modes “live”
1 day ago, mysql

As listed in the release announcement of the latest MySQL InnoDB Cluster release, 8.0.14 brings exciting new features! This blog post is the first of a series detailing every single new feature added, starting by: “Changing cluster topology modes ‘live‘”.…...

End-to-End Testing with Cypress and Auth0
1 day ago, auth0

Learn how to programmatically authenticate against Auth0 in your Cypress tests in a manner that adheres to both Cypress and Auth0 best practices.

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